PS插件-人像美容祛痘润肤美颜插件Ultimate Retouch Panel 3.7.61 Win/Mac


Ultimate Retouch Panel是一款非常适合摄影师和修图师使用的PS扩展面板。它包含了多种用于修图的工具,并且支持最新Photoshop cc 2019的功能。该面板中附有200多种功能,基本上能够满足图像处理的需求,有了它就不用下载别的修图软件了。


Ultimate Retouch panel includes blocks for the base correction, so for retouching, toning and color correction, effects and has 20 programmable buttons for your own action games. Now glossy touch-you can do in 5 minutes.


支持Win/Mac系统: Photoshop CS5 – CC2019


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